World Error Coins


World Error Coins

Welcome to our new website dedicated to promoting the collecting of all Numismatic Error coins and currency. You will find a very nice selection of raw and encapsulated errors for your consideration. We have thousands of coins in our inventory, and access to many others not featured.

We offer all types of error coins including tokens, bullion, foreign and domestic, modern and ancient. There are common errors such as off-centers, clips and blank planchets and specimens for the more sophisticated and worldly collector. If it's not in inventory, we can locate and deliver it to you.

You are invited to send us your want list. Our staff regularly visit the major coin shows and auctions around the United States, and along with our network of error collectors and dealers, there is a high probability we can locate what you are looking for. We will represent you in all transactions both at the shows we visit and the auctions we attend. Strict confidentiality is always observed.

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Last Updated: April 21, 2017
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